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cause tonights the night the world begins again

26 April

about me
My name is Laura, but online I typically go by Leana/Lele (I combined it to come up with my username). I’m 20 and a sophmore in college, but almost a senior by hours. My favorite color is green, but blue is a very close second. I love ice cream and chocolate and hate cheese and fish (which gives me headaches). I suffer from nonstop allergies and occasional really bad migraines, which knock me out for the day. I have a “daily ailment” as my boyfriend likes to say. I’ve been dating my boyfriend since my freshman year of high school – so five and a half years now. I’ve been making some different kinds of graphics since 6th grade – aka over 8 years now.

tv shows
(this includes those I watch for fun when I’m bored – pretty much from most loved to least loved/watched-when-bored) LOST. CHUCK. The Office. Supernatural. Fringe. Greek. Glee. Numb3rs. Scrubs. Survivor. Big Brother. The Amazing Race. Dancing With the Stars. Project Runway. The Bachelor. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Kyle XY. Hannah Montana. Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Roswell. Joan of Arcadia. King of Queens. Everybody Loves Raymond. Will & Grace. Full House. Rock of Love. Flavor of Love. Friends.

Transformers. The Chronicles of Narnia. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Little Miss Sunshine. Slumdog Millionaire. Mamma Mia. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. The Holiday. The Importance of Being Earnest. Once. Eagle Eye. Into the Wild. Definitely, Maybe. National Treasure. Finding Nemo. The Pacifier. Terminator 2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A Knight’s Tale. Moulin Rouge. Garden State. Shrek. Legally Blonde.

Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. A Series of Unfortunate Events. Twilight. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Hobbit. The Golden Compass. Eragon. Eldest. Left Behind. The Great Gatsby. Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

Soundtracks (HP, LotR, Narnia, etc). Cary Brothers. Chris Tomlin. Coldplay. Damien Rice. David Crowder Band. Death Cab for Cutie. The Fray. Harry and the Potters. Jeremy Camp. Jonas Brothers. Relient K. Snow Patrol. Steven Curtis Chapman. Switchfoot.

SHIA LABEOUF. Zachary Levi. Emilie de Ravin. Kate Winslet. Colin Firth. Meryl Streep. Maggie Grace. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Amanda Seyfried. Steve Carell. Amber Tamblyn. Ewan McGregor. Nicole Kidman. Evangeline Lilly. Hayden Panettiere. Reese Witherspoon. Dominic Monaghan. Kristen Bell. Thomas Dekker. Milo Ventimiglia. Joshua Jackson.

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